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10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Mike Howard




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Please download this form Certified O3Canada Training Application to your computer, fill it out, save the form and then email or fax it back to us to start your registration process.

This Ozone Shock course is a fast-paced, comprehensive, 1-day training program, that contains all the information you will need to conduct an effective ozone shock treatment of any item from sports gear all the way to entire houses.

The course is designed for the professional who would like to expand their horizons by adding ozone shock to their existing services or begin their own odour removal service. Those who want to advance their career in this highly rewarding area of odour control, and generate additional income, should attend this course.

The course is especially important if you are working in the following professions:

◊ Home Inspectors
◊ Carpet Cleaning Companies
◊ Restoration Companies
◊ Mold Inspectors
◊ Property Managers
◊ Energy Auditors
◊ Pest Control Consultants
◊ Building Contractors
◊ Safety Inspectors
◊ HVAC Contractors

No previous experience with ozone is needed. Good communication skills are important. Experience with air quality and building ventilation methods will be helpful, but not required.


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