Vehicle Odours



Odours like smoke and stagnant water can really be an issue, especially when you consider the smaller space of a vehicle.


Even the air conditioning system can leave residual odours. Ozone works by not only getting odours out from the interior of the car but also the ventilation system as well.

Ozone works to quickly destroy odour causing VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds). In as little as 30 minutes, Ozone can disinfect your car and leave it smelling fresh and new. No more expensive sprays or air fresheners hanging from the mirror.

Fact – Odour causing bacteria can hide in many small spaces in your vehicle, including the ventilation system. Ozone can get into any surface area and get rid of any odours.

Fact – De-odourizing your vehicle before putting it up for sale can actually increase the vehicles appeal which translates into a higher selling price.

Fact – Condensation can gather inside the air conditioning system of a vehicle which can promote mold growth.


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O3Canada is a company dedicated to Ozone Shock Treatment, a revolutionary odor elimination system that employs natural oxygen to eradicate Odors, bacteria and mold.

Whether it's in your home, business or vehicle, nobody enjoys foul odors. We have your solution to cleaner air!

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