School and Institutions

The Viriditec Sanitation Solution™ is an all powerful solution to the many day-to-day odor problems. Read our complete list of service below that will eradicate odours and bacteria. One of the many applications that can be applied to is school and institutions.


Green Cleaning for Schools

Green cleaning protects student, teacher and staff health, while ensuring that buildings are maintained in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Many traditional cleaning products contain chemicals that can contribute to poor indoor air quality, trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and contribute to long-term health problems such as cancer, reproductive disorders, major organ damage, and permanent eye damage. Green cleaning reduces these health risks and can also be a strategy to boost attendance and productivity at school.

Keeping our schools clean for our kids should be of the upmost importance to all of us. Being able to achieve this without using chemicals while still getting a superior result is what we are able to do with our Viriditec® cleaning caddies. With an on board aqueous ozone generator and vacuum, custodians are able to reduce their bathroom cleaning times while reducing the bacterial load counts to near zero and our “No Touch” cleaning system also means that staff can reduce their use off PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

O3Canada has worked with Mr. Wayne Kurek from the Northern Lights School District to implement our cleaning equipment in two schools in the district. The Cold Lake High School and the Duclos School in Bonnyville, Alberta. The custodians are very pleased with the results they are getting.
Feel free to contact Wayne at 1(780) 826-3145 for any additional information.

Dan Egan is one of the owners of Egan Supply in Omaha, Nebraska. Egan Supply is one of Nebraska’s leading equipment and supply companies for facility management companies. Egan Supply has been in business for approximately 50 years and they have a sales force very active in schools in Nebraska and Iowa. They are now getting great feedback from their customers in K-12 about Viriditec and he would be happy to provide you with those sources.

Dan’s cell number is (402) 699-6464 and his email is

Higher Education-Keith Krueger is Coordinator of Facility Services at University of Central Florida. UCF is the second largest university in the United States with 62,000 students. UCF is positioned on 1600 acres and has over 180 buildings on their campus. We have had our technology tested in target buildings on campus over the last three months with great success. Keith oversees all campus custodial service personnel and has been directly active in our efforts to implement our technology at UCF.

Keith’s cell number is (920) 427-4918 and his email is



Daycare’s are a haven for bacteria, infectious diseases and other nasty germs. Toys and other items can be very difficult to keep clean and can spread germs and viruses as they are shared between children.

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