Viriditec Sanitation

O3Canada provides an environmentally friendly, 100% green, easy to use sanitation system that is more effective and affordable than traditional sanitation chemicals and products.



O3 Canada’s Viriditec Sanitation Solution ™ is a highly effective sanitizer and degreaser which releases the natural oxidizing power of activated oxygen. With greater oxidizing energy than traditional chemical sanitizers, Viriditec can reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using and disposing of harsh chemicals.

Our patented technology is:

◊  “Green” and Environmentally Friendly
◊  Safe for Employees
◊  Easy to Use
◊  Affordable
◊  Uses Cold Water vs. Expensive Hot Water
◊  Able to Significantly Reduce Waste Water Treatment Costs
◊  More Effective and Cheaper than Traditional Chemicals
◊  Proven to Destroy Odours, Salmonella, E. coli, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Campylobacter and Many Other Harmful Pathogens
◊  Generated On Site and Completely Portable
◊  Approved by Health Canada and Industry Entities for Hard Surfaces.

Viriditec simplicity is found in its natural contents. Its complexity is found in our patented method that combines these elements to deliver a safe and powerful cleaning solution in the form of an aqueous ozone solution.

Viriditec’s active agent, ozone, has been proven effective to treat Bacteria, Viruses, Molds, Allergens and Pathogens including E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Staphylococcus. Ozone has been shown to oxidize germs faster and more effectively than chlorine bleach – in fact up to 3,000 faster.  When applied to a surface with growing bacteria and other pathogens, Viriditec’s solution cleans by directly oxidizing and destroying a microorganisms cell wall thereby destroying the microorganism.

Viriditec™ is cleaning made easy! When the work is done, Viriditec™ reverts to water and oxygen making it a safe, non-toxic, method to clean effectively without the downside of ongoing chemical application. Viriditec™ users do not need to wear personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, that may be required by traditional chemical cleaners.

Viriditec™ products meet government regulations for use as provided by the FDA, USDA, EPA, and Health Canada.

Viriditec’s patented technology creates a superior form of aqueous ozone solution.

What is Ozone?

•A naturally occurring gas that may be formed through the interaction of oxygen and electricity.

•A highly soluble gas which can be dissolved in water.

•A powerful natural sanitizer that works similarly to chlorine bleach by directly oxidizing and destroying a microorganism’s cell wall thereby destroying the microorganism.

•A power natural sanitizer whose antimicrobial properties have been known for over a century.

Viriditec’s patented technology combines the natural cleaning power of water and ozone with modern Nanobubble Technology to produce a clean, safe and highly effective natural cleaner. Our technology provides an on-demand, easy to use, no rinse application to quickly clean surfaces and remove odors.  Simply apply the Viriditec™ solution and then either wipe the surface dry, wet-vac the surface or simply allow the surface to air dry.

What are nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are nanometer sized gaseous cavities in an aqueous solution. Ordinary macro and micro bubbles have a larger diameter and quickly rise to the surface and burst out of a solution or simply collapse and disappear while nanobubbles have been shown to remain in liquids for an extended period of time.

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