O3 Canada CDPRO200


The O3Canada CDPRO200 is one of the handiest ozone generators available today. It works in the car, in the house, the cottage, hotel rooms, boats etc.

It can even work on a battery pack! The uses for this ozone generator are endless.


Specifications for CDPRO200 ozone generator:

♦  Generation method: Corona discharge utilizing mica plate technology.

♦  Supply Gas: Ambient Air

♦  Max. zone output: 200 mg/hr

♦  Controls: On off rocker switch. Fully variable control for ozone output.

♦  Dimensions: 2.75″ H X 6″ W X 5.25″L

♦  Electrical: 12-13 vdc 1amp from a 120 volt 18.9 watt Wall Adapter with North American style plug. Lighter plug also included for use in vehicles etc. (240 volt adapters available on request.

♦  Fan Size: 16 cfm

♦  Fuse rating: 1.5 amp

♦  Construction: High grade stainless steel chassis and CPVC cabinet


The O3Canada CDPRO200 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 years from date of purchase. Liability is limited to parts and labour only.

Shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer.

O3Canada is not liable for damage caused by shipping, misuse, neglect or lack of regular maintenance.


The CDPRO200 is a medium size ozone generator designed for use in a room or occupied building up to approx. 1200 sq/ft for freshening the air, or shock treat up to about a 200 sq/ft area. This unit does have a variable control for adjusting the output. The output starts at approx. 10 mg/hr and goes up to 200 mg/hr.

Additional Information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 6.98 x 15.24 x 13.33 cm

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