Viriditec™ Cleaning Caddy

Viriditec™ Cleaning Caddy provides On-Site, On-Demand cleaning solution. Bring the CCT Caddy to wherever you want to clean. Restrooms, hallways, anywhere!

Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution.

  • Lower Cost
  • Effective & Powerful Cleaner
  • Safer to Use
  • Safer for the Environment


  • Dimensions : 25” D x 18” W x 40” H
  • Weight (without water) : 95 lbs. (approximate)
  • Power : 120v at 15 Amps
  • Viriditec™ Flow Rate : 0.5 GPM
  • Viriditec™ : 1.0 – 1.5 ppm
  • Concentration : Wand Applicator Pressure(10 psi), Operator Hose Length(10 feet), Recovery Hose Length(5′ with 4:1 stretch), Water Reservoir Tank(22” hose)
  • Drain : Vacuum Motor(Dual, 2-stage 120VAC, 50-60Hz bypass), CFM(160), Lift(90″)
  • Features : Ready Indicator LED(Viriditec™ Ready for Application, Capacity Clean Water Tank(10 Gallons), Capacity Recovery Tank(10 Gallons)


  • Application Wand, Recoiling Hose, Drain Hose, Extension Cord
  • Optional Accessory: Carpet Extraction Wand, Handheld Ambient Air Monitor

Using Viriditec for cleaning will reduce your carbon footprint – significantly.

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